Getting What You Want

It’s getting hectic here.  Of course, it always does at this time of year, but it’s especially so this year because we’re moving house and planning our wedding.  I know I know, bad timing huh?  But sometimes… Continue reading →

How to Write a Novel in Thirty Days…

With less than a week to go (four days to be precise), myself and my co-ML (Municipal Lisason) for NANOWRIMO Jo Land, are hotting up the preparations for the Teesside kick-off party this Thursday night.

NANOWRIMO stands for National Novel… Continue reading →

Readers Questions Answered

In a frank and honest interview Allison Agius attempts to answer the questions her readers have asked over the last few months.


Have you been writing since childhood, or did the bug strike later? 

I wrote my first… Continue reading →

Mirrors & Reflections…

Reading from The Lost Voice

Last night was the launch of my new book, The Lost Voice, I will stop banging on about it soon, I promise…anyway, the launch was last night and the messages from people, the feedback from people, the support and effort… Continue reading →

How would you cope if you could hear everyone’s thoughts?

That’s what Kate Gregory, the protagonist in my latest fiction novel, The Lost Voice, has had to face every day of her life.

Writing the book was an interesting experience, and it obviously got me wondering what this would be… Continue reading →

How to dance to the beat of your own drum…

Here’s a link to an article I recently wrote for Spiritual Wisdom Magazine that I thought you might enjoy.

It’s an extract from my best selling book Hidden Secrets Buried Treasure.

Sh** Happens…

images-1I had rather an unpleasant encounter this week which left me reeling, or is that thrashing, in another person’s venom.

I sent out a blanket invitation to ‘like’ my writer Facebook page, and hovered over the button before pressing it,… Continue reading →

Link to the Interview


If you’ve read my blog ‘So What?’ I thought you might want to listen to the radio show that was broadcast across America that I was talking about so, here it it.

Hope you enjoy it… Continue reading →

So What?

So I did it, and I have woken this morning to discover that no limbs dropped off in the night.

In case you missed this momentous event in my life, though if you follow my Facebook page, follow me on… Continue reading →

An Interview at Middlesbrough Literary Festival…

Thought you might like to read this interview very kindly conducted by Robert Nichols.

About me

Allison Agius lives in the North East of England with her husband.  They have five children between them. 

When she’s not working or writing she spends her time riding her Honda Hornet (in the summer), running (in the summer) and eating chocolate!