A Week in the Country

It’s been an interesting week.

On Saturday the move goes quite smoothly thanks to a couple of friends who help us move in on the day, and make sure we have facilities to eat, sleep and bathe before they leave.  All very much appreciated as you can imagine.

We celebrate with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot in front of a roaring fire while we watch terrestrial TV with subtitles.  We lost the remote controls and have to get up when we want to change the channel…bit like the old days (except for the subtitles of course).  They were found in a flash of inspiration the day after.

Sunday another set of friends visit and provide some much need party in a bottle…namely more bubbles!  A great hours rest from sorting and unpacking the kitchen boxes.

Monday is a day off from unpacking and a day of reflection.  We travel a significant way to attend a funeral and say goodbye to an amazingly inspirational woman and lady, Jonathan’s Auntie Ethel.  It is a beautiful service and I’m glad we made the effort.  It would have been so easy to send our apologies, but I’m glad we didn’t.  And oddly, the boxes are still here on our return, waiting.  Nothing is lost and everything is gain.


A tad hectic at home!

A tad hectic at home!

Tuesday we get up before the butter has softened, (I soon realise that the butter never softens and we could probably do without the fridge!), to get Jonathan to the station and I spend my first day alone in the house.  It is a productive day and by the evening I can go from the bed to the en suite without bruising myself on boxes.  Good job too, as I am plunged into darkness for about an hour.  Realizing we operate entirely on electricity i.e. no heating, hot water, or ability to cook food, is a sobering thought and when it comes back on I am hugely appreciative.  A welcome lesson in gratitude.

Wednesday is a big day.  I meet what will hopefully be the newest member of our family.  We plan to pick up Hunter on Saturday, all being well.  Still can’t believe it…He’s a beautiful big old Golden Labrador.  A soft sweet old gentleman, who needs a loving home in his twilight years…they couldn’t find one so he’s with us instead… ;0D


Thursday – raking leaves in the garden under the winter sun, resting on the garden bench with a cup of redbush tea…need I say more?  Sent one of my new books to the proofreader.  Was visited by window cleaner, park handiman to choose new worktop and a neighbour….twice.  Every one a little friendlier than town…something to get used to.  Thought it was quiet in the countryside!  You know what thought did!   Because I also thought I had sorted our 27” living room fire…until it went out.   Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Friday – Spent the day digging the vegetable patch.  Hard sweaty work but at least I’m warm.  Baked a Victoria sponge with fresh cream and raspberries in the centre for Jonathan’s homecoming.  Miraculously finished “Five Steps” and “Meditation guide” and sent to the proof reader.  Think I might get used to this life…


Just for the record…my nails have seriously suffered these past few weeks!

Next week, find out if Hunter has joined us and how that’s changed our lives…and just how far to I get with turning the lawn into a vegetable patch…

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