An Unremarkable Man…

I was in town today when a rather unremarkable man caught my eye.  He looked back at me then acted nonchalant, puffed with importance, as he swiped his card to gain access to the newspaper building, clearly pleased he had my attention.

As I passed him I became aware of the story I had just dumped on him in one glance, one brief exchange.  Was he really that pleased to have received a glance from me?  I mean, I know I’m cute, but really, that cute? (These are rhetorical questions so please don’t write in).

Furthermore, how did I know he was ‘acting nonchalant’?  How did I know he was ‘puffed up with importance’?

Taking another step back, always a good idea if you really want to get some perspective, I find an uncomfortable question bubbling away.  What if, just maybe, this isn’t about him at all?  What if I have just plonked a wad of my stuff on him?

If I catch someone’s eye do I like it?  Hell, yes.  Do I act nonchalant to hide the fact?  Er, yep, ‘fraid so.  Do I then puff up with important at the attention?  You bet your life I do!

So, what could I do differently next time?  What could I do to stop all this storytelling and direct my energy into something more fulfilling?

It took a while.  It took a shopping trip around town, the walk home via the chippy, the time it took to eat my lunch, empty the dish washer and edit thirty page of my new book, before I finally realised what I could do next time…and it’s simple, well, it would be wouldn’t it?

Next time, I could just be honest.  Honest enough to acknowledge that I like the attention, brave enough to recognise that I’m not all that, and appreciative enough to share a smile with the person as I pass.

So, let me start this blog again.

I was in town today when a rather remarkable man, a guru in fact, caught my eye…



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