Chicken Sh*t, Bluebells and a New Love

The more astute among you will have already spotted the developing theme to my blogs since moving the country, and I guess it’s inevitable. This time it comes with our new arrivals: chickens.

Meet the girls: Sally, Simba, Anouska and Queen Elizabeth the First.

Calling for me...

Calling for me…

Sally likes to jump on my lap for a bit of a stroke, Anouska is always the first at my feet hoping for crumbs and treats, and Simba, whilst the top of the pecking order, is still a little wary of me.

Elizabeth the First was the bravest when she arrived, until she was ‘retrieved’ by a visiting labrador. A retired working dog who clearly hadn’t received the redundancy letter! For two days she sat under a bush and refused to emerge. She’s back to her old self now, and we’re regularly getting four eggs a day so there’s clearly no lasting damage.

It was when my friend, who owned the dog and was clearly feeling distressed at what had happened said, ‘they’re not pets are they?’ that I realized that yes, they were, despite all my ‘feet on the ground’ protestations to the contrary. I had fallen head over heels in love with them…

It must be love because every morning at 6am, donned in little more than a pair of purple Hunter wellies and my dressing gown, (and often under a brolly), I trudge to the bottom of the garden to release my little brood.

I never realised chickens could be so cute, they’re positively prehistoric to look at with their sharps beaks, beady eyes and jerky movements, and yet, mine are just…well, adorable.

2014-05-06 13.50.42

Their beady eyes are full of mischief and interest, and have you ever seen a chicken run? They sort of lurch from one leg to the other, like a toddler in an overlarge nappy. Hilarious! Their beaks…well, yes, they are pretty fierce I grant you that. But everything else is fascinating. Their soft clucking sounds, the cooing, the strutting.

It’s amazing what love can do. How it can transform, like alchemy. How it can switch the perspective and make us see something in an entirely different way. It’s truly magical stuff.

Having said all that…I do have another love. My purple Hunter wellies. It has been a running joke between my husband and I since we first started communicating on, before we even met for that first coffee.

Purple Hunters

Purple Hunters

I’m not sure how wellies ever came into the conversation (it was clean so behave if you’ve gone there), I told him I’d never owned a pair and never intended to. I saw no use for a pair of shoes that didn’t have either a) a ridiculous heel or b) diamonds.

Jonathan seemed to see this as a gauntlet being thrown done and picked up the challenge of getting me in wellies. The more he tried, the more I resisted, and it has gone on like that for the past five years. Then I saw these Hunters…see what love can do?

Oh, and keep a look out for updates on this guy…

Coming soon...

Coming soon…



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