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Reading from The Lost Voice

Last night was the launch of my new book, The Lost Voice, I will stop banging on about it soon, I promise…anyway, the launch was last night and the messages from people, the feedback from people, the support and effort everyone made was just…well, phenomenally breathtaking.

I was truly touched and it reminded me of something I wrote in Hidden Secrets about mirrors, that what we see out there, is really just a reflection of what’s going on in here, in us.  And whilst often we take that to mean the projection of stuff we don’t want to acknowledge as ours, you know those horrible yucky bits that can’t possibly be anything to do with us, it’s also all that yummy lovely stuff we see in the world too.

Latest book from Allison AgiusSo, looking out at all those people last night, some of whom had travelled quite a considerable way, I did have a little wobbly lower lip moment.

And this morning, waking up to texts, emails, facebook messages, tweets…all so positive and supportive and wonderful I thought…I must be a little bit special, just a little bit.

So I’m whispering that to myself today – ‘Today, I’m just a little bit special.’

It’s okay though, no need to send anyone round, I’m getting help…

If you missed it last night you can hear a recoding of the first chapter of the book by clicking here…TLV Chapter 1 Reading

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