So What?

So I did it, and I have woken this morning to discover that no limbs dropped off in the night.

In case you missed this momentous event in my life, though if you follow my Facebook page, follow me on twitter, receive my newsletter or indeed, have spoken to me at all in the past month, you’ll know, god you’ll know, but for the rest of you in ignorant bliss, I have made my debut on international radio.

Last night I was on Transformational Talk Radio, a spiritual station that broadcasts across the states, and worldwide through the Internet, and I learnt a few things about myself during the process.

I learnt that I have a ‘radio’ voice, and apparently it is ‘posh’ and ‘beautiful’, so say my friends. Well, that’s what friends are for isn’t it?  I thought, ah, ‘affected’ and ‘unauthentic’, and concluded, perhaps harshly, that I wasn’t as genuine as I might have been, and it’s true, sometimes I wasn’t.

In my defence I was operating from a position of terror, so the fact that I strung any words together that made any sense at all was remarkable. So I forgive myself, doesn’t happen often, and I’m not making a habit of it you understand, but just this once I’ll let myself off the hook.

Second thing I learnt, I am capable of operating from terror without, as another friend advised, (surprisingly I have several friends), making a ‘tit’ out of myself.  This is probably the reason for my earlier leniency.

And finally, when I was in full flow, talking about what I write and why I write, nothing else mattered.  It wasn’t about self promotion, sales or not making a tit of myself.  It wasn’t about what people thought about me, whether they agreed with me, or even if they liked me.

It was about my message, a very important message to me, one I have believed in, and lived by, all my life, throughout all it’s wonderful ups and downs.

And if you missed the show, I’m not sure you missed that much, but I don’t want to miss an opportunity to spread that message, so I ask you to share this blog if you feel so inclined.

So, here it is, in all it’s simple humble glory…

You can do it.

And yes, that’s it, before you ask.  It isn’t much, but boy is it powerful.  Pass it on.

Then go, get on with it…whatever ‘it’ is for you.






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