The Cross Over


The Cross Over


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Toni Harris loses her family in a freak accident and unexplained things start to happen in her isolated farmhouse that leave Toni fearing for her sanity.

Then a chance meeting results in Toni, a rational business woman, agreeing to a spiritual quest in the hope of overcoming her grief, banishing the demons of her childhood and carving our a new life for herself.

What she doesn’t bargain for is a series of events which ultimately lead to a struggle to the death.

The Cross Over is a spiritual adventure that explores the concepts of life, death, life after death and who we really are.


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About me

Allison Agius lives in the North East of England with her husband.  They have five children between them. 

When she’s not working or writing she spends her time riding her Honda Hornet (in the summer), running (in the summer) and eating chocolate!